Our Mission

Our goal is to cement the Stags as one of the top teams in the Pacific Northwest. We believe Eugene has the capacity to support a high-caliber club. Each year since being founded, we have consistantly improved from season to season. The Stags finished the 2015-2016 season top 3 of their division. Currently, the 2016-2017 season has the Stags ranked at the top of the divison and primed for a spot in the PNW Playoffs.


Rugby is a sport built around its community. On and off the field, rugby is a personable, fun, and supportive community of players and supporters. Rugby in Eugene has grown to encompass the:

  • Men's Stags Rugby
  • Women's Reign Rugby
  • UO Men's Rugby
  • UO Women's Dirty Ducks Rugby
  • Touch Rugby League
  • Youth Rugby League

There is a team or a way to get involved in rugby, as well as the community in general, for each and every person. No matter of age, gender, size, or ability.


Photo of Social

Along with being a competitive club, we are also building a social environment which others teams and our supporters can take advantage of.

We have a fantastic sponsor in Hop Valley Brewing Company, who provides us with drinks for after our matches. Another sponsor, Doc's Pad, has opened their doors to host our post-match socials.

What is a rugby social?

A rugby social is a gathering after a match between the teams who competed, as well as all of those who came to support. Attending a social can be a new experience. Songs are sung, interesting games/events take place, and each one brings a new taste, as every team has its own traditions.